Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's our day baby ;)

heyyy blogiee, i want to share somethin wit you all guys, may i?
okeyy.actualy today is our aniversary. third aniversary.
i don't know how to express my feelingg. seriously!

tak tahu nak cakap, gembira, sedeyh sumee adeee.. gembira sebb we had been together for a long timee. sedeyh sebab on our special day we cannot celebrate together. sedeyh kan, nothing special or surprise going on. sbb weols bz. but it's okae. i did'n expect anything from him.
just i really appreciate to god that we can stay and keep this relation.

dearr, tak sangke kite da bersama untuk 3 tahun. i harap relation ney akan kekal sampai bile2. i haappyy sangat2 syg. thanx coz we had been stick together for 3 years. evendoh mcm2 halangan yg dtg, kte tetap sabar and kuat. walau ape pun yg datang kte tak cepat melatah.thanxx sgt3 sayang, w/pun i ney degil tak dgr cakap, suke ekot pale sndri, u tetap sabr. w/pun kdg2 u anoyying sgt *upsss :p
i tetap syg u, sgt8 gile kaw! tau takkk. i chill jerr. w/pun kdg2 u suke buat PERANGAI, guaa chillexx jerr,, sbb i tau ade hikmah di sebalik semua tuhh.

I love you so much and more than you expected..
I hope this relation will FOREVER Dear..


thank much for giving me you lovee babyy ;)