Saturday, July 9, 2011

edexcel = making friend ;D

makan time ;D

share the pizza with her ;D


the boss *sitting


no camera plezz ;D


buat2 rajin ;)

my workplace ;D

with the part of the senior ;D

Semalam last day aku kerja untuk project summer, before end up the work,we having makan2, for last time. Next project this november, for this project i had making many friend ;D

AMIRAH AZMY, she is nice friend, people always said, don't judge people by its cover, yes its damn true, before i get noe her, i always heard bad said about her. but then after i noe her, she is nice friend, love making friend with her ;D

evendoh kenal tak lama, tapi rase macam dah lama kenal, yes, amirahh oiii, thanx sbb sudi jadi kawan saya bergosip lipang di office yaww! see u next project babe. xoxo