Sunday, July 31, 2011

the tigers!

last match for football month. Malaysia vs Singapore. what the hell singapore main macam shit! they all better jadi actor from be a Footballer. macam haram. byk sgt drama!

Malaysia main sangat mantap, dan merupakan kekalahan yang sangat bermaruah, sebab semua anak jati malaysia. walaupun the captain tade. he was given the red card from previous game but they can make the best, make the country proud!

i lost my voice sebab malam tuh banyak sangat menjerit,
plus selsema and cough. eheehhe,but it's okaee.

tersangat enjoy dapat pergi stadium.and watch the game live, untung juga dapat boyfie yang kaki bola, dapat pergi freee, dia tak pun marah pun aku menjerit macam orang gila sebab too excited. dia bukan jenis yg suka aku terlalu mengade, but for fotball ape pun boleee. and the best part is he also belikan jersey biru for malaysia vs singapore match, sbb i told him that malaysia wearing blue jersey for the match. comell sangatt ;) from Arsenal to Chelsea,to Singapore.

the best thing is i can feel the the tigers spirit when i was there.

okae. that all for now. bubye readers, xoxo ;D